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People visit the islands of Hawaii from all over the world to experience surfing, whale watching, luaus and the beautiful beaches that the islands are known for.

About Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are what some refer to as heaven on earth and I do not disagree!

Hawaii has a little something for all to enjoy: beaches, history, volcanoes and pure, natural beauty. Each of the six islands offer something different and distinct that the other islands may not. Whether you want to relax, go on an adventure or mix in a little bit of both, each island has it all!

Experience these activities and more in Hawaii...

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Snorkel in clear blue water

Hawaii has a variety of wildlife to see, and the crystal clear water means you can get up close with sea creatures!

Try the Hawaiian cuisine

From fresh fish to unique desserts, everyone will find a dish they love in Hawaii.

Take a surfing lesson

If there’s one must-try activity in Hawaii it’s a surfing lesson! The waves are perfect and the scenery can’t be beat.

Hawaii Planning Services

Kick back on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii with R3 Travel!

I am fortunate enough to have traveled the Hawaiian Islands multiple times. I have visited the touristy areas, but also love the low key, off the beaten path areas that are sure to become a favorite of yours as well!

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