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River cruises throughout the seasons: which is best for when you’re traveling?

Whether you're looking for a Mediterranean getaway over the summer or to explore the magic Christmas villages in the winter time, these are the best destinations for a river cruise throughout the year.

Taking a river cruise is one of the best ways to explore a region. It offers stunning scenery, cultural attractions, and delicious cuisine while enjoying your favorite activities. Whether you’re looking for a Mediterranean getaway over the summer or to explore the magic Christmas villages in the winter time, these are the best destinations for a river cruise throughout the year.


Setting sail in the spring? Consider the Netherlands, France, or Germany.

The springtime is the perfect time to experience the tulip fields, medieval towns, and picturesque river views as they come to life in the Netherlands. For more French ambiance, take a trip to the Rhône River where wine, food, and culture flourish with new blooms.

Another way to mark the beginning of spring is the Main River in Germany. This region offers a unique combination of history, romantic scenery, and soft breezes that will take you along its winding waters. You can expect mild weather, authentic cuisine, and many possible excursions accompanied by blooming vegetation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Danube River and European Rivers,are all hot spots for a summer river cruise

As summer approaches, it’s time to enjoy sun-drenched days with majestic scenery and opportunities to explore Europe’s rich history and culture. The Danube River is undoubtedly the most famous waterway in this part of the world, especially during summertime. Expect a gentle breeze paired with a great choice of onboard amenities and excursions such as visiting the stunning abbey of Melk or the ancient city of Budapest.

For those looking for something a bit different, consider the various rivers of central Europe. Enjoy the pristine beauty of Altaussee Lake or wander the old town of Linz, all within easy reach of some of the most captivating scenic views of the waterways.

Budapest, Hungary


Watch the leaves change for fall during a river cruise to Portugal, Italy, or the Amazon River

Imagine savoring vinho verde (young wine) while watching autumn leaves change color as you discard those summer clothes for comfy fall attire! Portugal’s Douro River provides all this, with picturesque landscapes featuring classical vineyard estates that reveal rows of grapes foraging a blaze of color.

The best way to experience Italy during the fall season is by floating along Tuscany’s Arno River. This river features some of the most beautiful countryside in all of Europe, with the winding Arno carrying passengers through stunning sun-drenched emerald hills dripping with sweet grape vines and olive groves.

Finally, one of the more unique options on our list is an Amazon River Cruise through the Brazilian jungle. For a rare encounter with nature’s beauty and wildlife, the Amazon offers unbelievable views of the rainforest’s flora and fauna, which explode with electric hues and sounds during the dry season.

Venice, Italy


Explore Germany’s Rhine and Christmas Markets during a Winter river cruise

Winter is often associated with the festive season, when towns and villages throughout Europe light up with Christmas decorations and atmosphere. During winter, the Rhine River is not only a captivating sight, but it also serves as the epicenter of German culture during the Advent period. You can see the region at its best with a visit during its holiday markets featuring festive gifts, warming cups of glühwein, and hearty local cuisines.

Christmas Market, Germany


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Whether you’re looking to unwind with natural beauty, excited about exploring some of Europe’s most distinctive destinations, or interested in experiencing new cultures – each of these cruise destinations will leave you breathless with lasting memories all year long.

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