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Why retain a travel advisor?

It's our job to save you time and money

When you use a travel advisor, you’re retaining an expert in the field whose job it is to save you time and money. Our relationships with hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, and other suppliers give us access to the best promotions – even those that might not be available to the public.

We advocate for you so you can be in the moment

Even when your vacation is planned to a tee, travel is never without a few bumps in the road. If any changes or questions come up while you’re traveling, your travel advisor is a phone call away. I work on your behalf, whether it’s calling the hotel front desk or making a last-minute reservation switch, to ensure you have a vacation full of memories without any of the worries.

We elevate travel experiences in unique ways

It’s not only my role to save you time, money, and stress. Just as important as the basics, I make it a priority to go above and beyond for my clients. From suggesting new destinations to planning daily itineraries, R3 Travel can elevate your travel experience.

Service Options

From the basics of booking to curated custom travel, R3 Travel is here to provide you with the planning support you need.


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Preferred rates and availability
Room upgrades (if available)
Breakfast daily for two
Dining, resort, or hotel credits
Early check-in and late checkout (if available)
Exclusive amenities and experiences

the simplified vacation

Support Level: Silver

Unpack and relax

Let me know where and when you want to go, and I’ll do the rest! Silver package includes transfers or car rental, hotel or resort bookings, and cancel for any reason insurance (CFAR).  Travel planning has never been so simple! This is for the client that wants to relax and hang out on the beach or who prefers to plan as they go or once in the destination.

Exploration and relaxation

Support Level: Gold

Great for family travel, cruises, and vacations that require some extra logistics.

Based on where you want to go and what you want to experience, I’ll recommend a couple of locations that meet your expectations. Once we narrow down the specific destination, I begin researching hotels, resorts or cruises to present to you. This package includes all that the silver package offers + excursions to allow you to explore your surroundings!

Curated Custom Travel

Support Level: Platinum

Relax and enjoy your trip without any of the stress.

Perfect for more adventurous trips, my curated custom travel service includes planning every aspect of your vacation, day by day. I’ll research and recommend the best things to do, places to stay, restaurants to try, and hidden gems to experience, then deliver an itinerary for every day of your trip all accessible by an app. This is the bespoke experience from start to finish for those that want to show up and go! 

Let's plan a trip designed for you

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